Welcome to CoomberSewell Enterprises’ first blog on our shiny new website!  How exciting!  But why on earth would we launch a new website after 8 years of trading and in the middle of a pandemic?

Well, the clue is in the question really.  We loved our old website and we loved our old website designers, but times move on, business priorities change and it is time for a new approach, both to the business and to the website.  We wanted something we could edit ourselves, that kept many of the old features we loved, but reflects what we are doing now.  So, we turned to our friends at Device 5.  We believe strongly in supporting local businesses who share our ideals and this company has lived experience of many of the same things as us.

CoomberSewell Enterprises is more than a business. In some respects it is not a business at all; it is more a lifestyle we declare to the tax man.  Over the last few years our focus has changed – Joyce has finished her Bachelor’s degree in Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring and became increasingly appalled at the lack of awareness about the appropriate ways to support autistic people in these industries.  She’s doing a Masters by research now, reflecting the historical reasons for the divide between those on the spectrum and those of us, like me, who are neurotypical.  In our house, I am the one who is a bit ‘different’ and ‘special’ because I don’t have autism – they always joke it takes 4 of them to look after me!  So, increasingly, Joyce is into supporting her autistic students and clients to self-advocate, be loud and proud about their autism and train the rest of us that life with autism is great!  The website needs to reflect this aspect of Joyce’s passions, which of course, have become mine too.

I’m finishing my Doctorate and I’ve gained many skills that are part of academic life, and support academic research along the way.  Not only am I a confident and able researcher now, I can train others in those skills, lead and assist in research projects and support all levels of students to reach their goals.  Along the way I have honed my already good proofreading skills and added audio-typing to academic and business standards to the list.

We still do Business Agony Aunt work, in fact, we’ve just renewed a wonderful relationship with a local satellite and TV installation company in supporting their bid writing and proposals.  They can concentrate on what they do best; we’ll help them talk and write about it.

The pandemic has been a challenge for all of us, but its also been a chance to take a breath, take stock and take up new dreams and ambitions.  Join us and see if we can help you reach yours.

Jane CoomberSewell