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Bid Writing
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We have experience both as bid writers and as part of panels awarding bids and tenders.

This means that we have the inside track on what Awarding Organisations are looking for in a Bid or Tender Document. With particular skills in preparation work (often referred to as a PQQ), we enjoy upskilling companies so that, over time, you should not need a bid writer. But initially, you know your skills and products, we know bid writing - let's work together.


Case Study

We met with the father of 13yr old twins, both of whom had special educational needs. One twin is suspected of having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) while the other has been diagnosed with Dyslexia with a reading age of less than 7yrs.

The twins' school had told them that the educational authority no longer issued statements.

Statementing is important as it gives children with disabilities a legal right to the help they need to achieve academically.

We went with the parents for a meeting with the boys Headteacher and SENCO.

We then helped them with a very badly put together form from the school which was to be issued to the Educational Psychologist in application for further assessments of the boys' needs. After proofreading the form we advised them not to sign it, but to call another meeting at the school to discuss.

We again sat in on this meeting where the head agreed that the form should be rewritten. Once these were produced we again proofread and advised them on the content.

This is an ongoing case.