Biographies and Books

Everybody has a story to tell.  Most of us have lived colourful lives or have family members that we love to listen to. Even our businesses and workplaces have stories to share. All of us have thought of writing a book at one stage of another.  Here at CoomberSewell Enterprises we have the skills to draw that story out.  Taking a variety of forms, we take your story, of your life, your work adventure, your parents’ lives and turn it into a professional style publication.

There are many options available to you, starting from a 3000 word booklet available in hard copy or e-booklet, up to a full length book.  We can present your story or history as biography, ghost-written autobiography, memoirs, or fiction inspired by real life.

We’ve worked hard to create a partnership approach with you very much involved in the telling of the story.  We will also maintain the research rigour developed through our years spent in study and academic work.  You decide what we write about, themes, family, friends and goals.  We provide you with an enjoyable interview experience, including the opportunity to read through drafts and make changes, culminating in the presentation of your publication.

Treat the story as a present to yourself, a present to your family, a present to the world – you choose.  We have created a pricing scheme that reflects the skills we employ to write the work, while remaining accessible to all price ranges.  We believe that everybody has a story in them, and we want to provide a biography for all.

Contact us to find out more about the process, pricing and pleasure of having your story written.