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Whether you have been in business for five minutes or fifteen years, you might come across a situation that you have not encountered before. Let a trustworthy external pair of eyes take a look - it could be that you simply can't see the wood for the trees.

Having run our own companies for a total of 9 years, and held significant positions in both the commercial sector and local and central government, we know a thing or two about the difference between the business model and what happens in reality. It could be that you need to toughen up or lighten up on your staff (or yourself), or that a tiny tweak in a system will make all the difference. We offer business and personal coaching at the nitty gritty level, and if it's too big for us, we can guarantee, we know a man or woman who can.


Case Study

After trading for nearly a year, the client was not reaching her sales targets and had had to take a day job to make ends meet. Her product was of international reputation, and having worked in sales and recommendation all her life, she could not understand where she was going wrong.

After consultation, we identified several areas where the application of simple systems, tailored to her needs would help her focus on her goals and free up her time for selling and building repeat business, utilising a simple CRM and categorisation system, at little or no additional cost to the client.

We worked with her to build her profile in social media and set up strategies that work for her in terms of time management and goal setting. In the next few months we will continue to work with this client to help her make her sales team more effective through coaching her to engage with them in a constructive, but bottom line based approach.



I had despaired of getting my poems organized enough to get published, then God sent me Jane. A Problem-solver with precision vision, multi skilled, perfect focused and able to translate and cut through my waffle. If anyone can get me published, Jane can. Thank you.

Tracy De Gietelink