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DSA NMH Providers
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CoomberSewell Enterprises have been providing Non-Medical Helper Provision in partnership with another organisation since 2013.

We are proud to now be able to offer these services in our own right.

If you attend a University in Canterbury, Medway, or do distance learning via the Open University, you may be able to secure our services for Library Support, Proof reading, Study Skills support and other provision. Your entitlement is defined on your provision letter from the DSA team at Student Finance England.

Please see our full list and description of our support roles.

In order to arrange your support we will require the following:

  • A copy of the authorisation letter from your funding body.
  • Your course timetable.

The information can be sent to us by post, fax, or email. Please see our contact details below:

CoomberSewell Enterprises LLP
St Augustine's Business Centre
125 Canterbury Road
Westgate on Sea
Kent, CT8 8NL

t: 07799 514470
f: 01204 362 783

Alternatively, please complete our contact form and we will get back to you to help you through the process. As soon as we have received your information, we will "match" you to an appropriate support worker.



I knew Jane and Joyce throughout my time at university. Together they helped me become happier and more confident in myself through mentoring and specialist ASD support. Their support was second to none and put up with so much from me including middle of the night texts the night before an exam! They gave up Saturdays in my PGCE year to allow me to have that support at a time that suited me. They never made me feel uncomfortable or weird which can be hard when you have ASD and people don't understand. Without their support I may have never made it through university let alone to become a teacher!
Theology and Ethics Graduate 2017, PGCE Graduate, 2018

I cannot recommend highly enough the mentoring and note taking skills of both Joyce and Jane Coomber-Sewell. My mentoring sessions helped me to manage my time more efficiently, plan and study to a high level and to discuss challenges and ways in which to overcome them. My note taking was invaluable in my degree. Having a skilled notetaker allowed for me to extract the more important aspects of a lecture, rather than rush to note down all information given. My mentoring and note taking was vital in helping me complete my degree. On a personal level both Joyce and Jane are professional and polite and a huge support.
Politics and International Relations Graduate, 2017

The CoomberSewells are not only the best, but the only mentor/study skills tag-team I will have. They are tough when they need to be (I can be fairly stubborn), take into account your unique learning style, not allowing you to put yourself down, all while providing expert skills in adapting to your subject area. They give you the tools for you to succeed. They allow you to find your potential. On top of course based work, they have helped me with form fillings and day-to-day stresses. During my first year in Bachelor's I was beginning to question whether I was capable to continue in higher education. The CoomberSewells coached me and showed me that I am as capable as I believe I am. Now I'm a PhD Candidate still within my niche field. Everyone I have met at university who has been looking for a mentor, study skills support, or a notetaker, I would always point them in the direction of Joyce and Jane CoomberSewell.
Bachelors Music Graduate, 2016, Masters Music Graduate, 2018

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