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Proof Reading
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Whether it's a dissertation, brochure, book or poster, an error will cost you, in marks, clients, attendants or money. So don't think that running it past your mate who used to be good at English at school is going to cut the mustard.

The skills involved in proof reading are specialist and take training and practice. As an associate member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, we have shown our commitment to training and future continuing professional development.

We will work with you to understand your house style, or help you develop one if you don't have one, and then work to that brief. If you already have a publisher, we will work with them for you. Proof reading is surprisingly cost effective and doesn't have to take much time. Even book transcripts can normally be turned around in a week or so, and leaflets can be back with you in as little as an hour, although we do charge extra if we have to go without sleep!


Case Study

A Policeman took a year off work and travelled all over the world, blogging and e-mailing his friends and family as he went. By the time he came home, his blog was so popular, he decided to turn them into a series of books. The gentleman's skills lay in telling a very funny story, but his transcript was littered with typing errors and the kind of mistakes you make when you are in a hurry in an internet café . The series was published privately, with no proof reading at all. Feedback from readers was that they loved the author's style, but that the presentation issues detracted from their enjoyment of the book.

We worked with the author to understand the house style he wanted, keeping the punchy feeling of a blog, while adding the context of time passed and dealing with spelling, grammar and layout issues to make a much more presentable book. We worked to deadlines that worked for the author and the editor. The first book is to be re-published shortly, with the rest of the series currently under full revision.