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Personal & business advice,
Proof reading, bid writing and more...


Here at Coomber Sewell Enterprises, we aim to help with a wide range of business and home based challenges, in an innovative and effective way. In order to do this, we have broken our services down into the categories listed below:

Often your challenges will cover more than one area, or not quite fit any of them, so have a look at all the case studies we have provided. If anything rings a bell, just get in touch.



You can view a full list of our prices in PDF format.


Ten minutes of meaningful conversation with Joyce has been worth its weight in gold to me personally and professionally. She quickly put me at ease and drew out of me what was really at the heart of the matter. It is indeed rare to have the opportunity to meet and work with someone who operates from such a space of authenticity and who clearly does not judge. I walked away from our conversation with a distinct sense of clarity and focus. I felt completely safe and comfortable opening up to Joyce, and can not possibly sing her praises highly enough!

Pamela Ibanez


Arbonne Independent Consultant