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Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect. There's so much to think of - accounts, marketing, websites, social media presence, general office organisation.

We've set up our own businesses several times now. We've had time to make our mistakes and learn how to do it better. We can help you build systems that work for you. After all, that's why you set up your own business, isn't it, because you don't want to work for the system any more?

We can help you set up basic bookkeeping and invoicing systems, utilise your Outlook to your best business advantage, work out a marketing strategy and much more. We hope you will grow large enough to be able to pay somebody else to do the bits you don't enjoy, but until then, we'll help you keep the chores in their place.


Case Study

This business was started by a mother of 5 children who was making specialised cakes for friends & neighbours.

After her youngest daughter had started nursery she felt her confidence and expertise had grown enough to take her hobby to the next level. Her cake skills were excellent, but she found that her business acumen was lacking, she was in danger of having a hobby that cost her money, not a business that made a profit.

We set her up with a ready reckoner so that she could precisely calculate the cost of the ingredients, power used, and the cost of her time per hour and added a profit percentage. The results were quite a surprise to her, as she found that she had been grossly undercharging.

She used the profit to invest in her professional development and we helped her source a cost effective Food Safety course.

We advised her on having a domain name, website, email address & business cards, all available at low cost. We also took her along to her very first networking meeting.

Her unique selling point is that she is a mum, at home, running a small homely business around the needs of her husband & children. She juggles all this, making it look easy to spend time with her clients, understanding their needs and delivering cakes which taste great and reflect the event and her clients' sense of humour.