Jane cut her teeth in audio-typing working for a chartered surveyor and moved into transcribing interviews by working on covert recordings for a solicitor. She argues that audiotyping and transcription is not a dying art in these days of speech to text, rather it is a developing one.

In all honesty, if you can touch type and can access the appropriate software, Jane would encourage academics to transcribe their own work where time allows. It helps with initial analysis and helps you with the basic ‘geography’ of the material… but who has the time? We accept audio files in MP3, MP4 and WAV files

Academic transcription is a specialist sub-division of transcription work, which not all audio-typists should tackle. Jane will ask you questions about:

  • how you want your work presented,
  • whether you are using analysis software and
  • requested approaches to over-speaking when she takes on your work.

Transcription and audio-typing work can normally be returned within the week, but arrangements can be made for short deadlines and ongoing work over a series of interviews.

Audio-typing/Transcription Pricing

We price our audio jobs by minute of audio file, not by the amount of time they take, for complete transparency.  All our Audio-typing is done verbatim (that is, we type up every word), we do not summarise or paraphrase unless you ask us to.

1 voice: £1.00 per minute

2 voices: £1.20 per minute

3 voices: £1.30 per minute

4 voices: £1.40 per minute

5-10 voices: £1.60 per minute

Transcription of non-linguistic verbalisations (sounds like mm, er, u-huh etc), reaction intonation (e.g. surprised, distressed, shouting): plus 10%

24-hour turnaround: plus 10%.

For further enquiries, contact us.