Editorial and Study Skills solutions,
For REAL life achievement.

Welcome to CoomberSewell Enterprises LLP, where we support you to reach your potential, as a student, an academic and as a writer/creator.  We believe our skills can benefit you in your learning, teaching and creative journey

Our skills and experience of study skills tuition, mentoring and editorial support (proofreading and copy-editing) have been built in three communities – academic, business and the autistic community.  Our clients come from all walks of life, including the arts.  You can be a member of any and all of these communities or none to benefit from our services.

We believe that you have a story to tell, a journey that you are on.  That journey could be a through learning, teaching, publishing or creating. We support you on that journey..

A note about our views on Autism: on our websites, you will only see the term autism.  We believe that autism (and all its attendant diagnoses) is not a disorder, but a condition, a different way of thinking that is to be celebrated and embraced rather than ‘managed’.  The belief that all humans are equal is fundamental to all that we do.

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