Out of this World solutions,
For REAL life problems.

Welcome to CoomberSewell Enterprises LLP, where we aim to support you to reach your potential, as an academic, a business provider, a student,  an autistic person.

There are three complementary sides to our company – businesses, academic and autism support.  They fit together nicely as our skills and experience have been built in all three communities.  Our clients come from all walks of life, including the arts.  You can be a member of any and all of these communities or none to benefit from our services.

We come from a belief that everybody has a story to tell, a journey they are on.  We want to help you on your journey, but we also want to help you tell the story of your journey.  Find out more about our writing services here.

A note about our views on Autism: on our websites, you will only see the term ASC.  This is because we strongly believe that autism (and all its attendant diagnoses) in and of itself is not a disorder, but a condition, a different way of thinking that is to be celebrated and embraced rather than ‘managed’.