Proof Reading

Proofreading is an undervalued stage of the editing process but can make all the difference to the Business Plan, Developing Website, Thesis, Dissertation, Novel or any other submitted or published work. Proof reading is not editing, it concentrates on spelling, grammar, presentation and sense. A proof reader will not tell you, ‘I don’t think that character would do that’, but their eye for detail leads to consistency of tone, excellent presentation and a sense that you really care about your work, whoever your target audience might be.

Our proofreader trained with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders and can work on galley proofs, manuscript proofs, or electronically, using the review toolbar. Files in a Word-compatible format work best, though PDFs can be undertaken, and the project is undertaken in a high-concentration, short blast format.

We have recently moved over to project-based pricing for transparency and ease of calculation for both you the client, and us at the invoicing end!

Over the years, we have developed a good relationship with writers for whom English is not their first language, and we do not charge extra for this service, which many proofreaders do.  We do however, normally ask for a little more time.  It should be noted that Jane is ‘bi-lingual’ and can proofread equally well in British English and American/Canadian English, including referencing stylistic conventions.

Our proofreading can be divided into academic and non-academic work.

Academic study proofreading:

All academic proofreading prices include a bibliography check in Harvard, Chicago, MLA, APA or university’s own style (provided a link to the guide is provided by the client).  Other referencing systems: plus 10%.

We will proofread all subjects except mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and some forms of computer engineering.

Undergraduate/post-graduate assignments up to 4000 words: £70

Undergraduate/post-graduate assignments over 4000 words to 8000 words: £120

Masters dissertation up to 13,000 words (normally as part of a taught masters, for example): £180

Masters dissertation over 13,000 words to 40,000 words (e.g. MRes thesis): £350.

MPhil/PhD by practise/Upgrade work up to 60,000 words: £580.

PhD thesis up to 100,000 words: £800

Undergraduate/Masters work requiring a less than 3 day turnaround: plus 10%

MPhil/PhD work requiring a less than 7-day turnaround: plus 10%

Staff, alumni and current students of the following universities are eligible for a 10% discount (proof will be requested): Liverpool Hope University, University of York, Canterbury Christ Church University, Wilfred Laurier University.

Prices are net to us.  PayPal is available but will incur a 3% surcharge for fees.  For international students and Post-Docs, this is still normally more cost effective than IBAN and Swift bank charges.

Academic books:

As above by wordcount, subject to negotiation.

Please note, we do not do indexing.

Non-academic proofreading:

CVs: £25

Business or official letter: £10 per page

Fiction or non-academic non-fiction by word count:

Up to 4000 words: £60

4001 – 8000 words: £110

8001 – 13000 words: £170

36,000 – 44,000 words: £330

72,000 – 88,000 words: £750

Up to 13000 words requiring a less than 3-day turnaround: plus 10%

Larger projects requiring a less than 7-day turnaround: plus 10%

Members of the FSB attract a 10% discount (membership number will be requested).