Podcast Adventures

I enjoy being a guest on Podcasts.  It’s taken me a while to learn to be a good guest.  I used to be very dominating and talk over everybody, which is naturalistic, but very rude. Now I have learned to make lots of non-linguistic verbalisations (that’s encouraging noises to the rest of us) and pause for a moment when people have finished.  This not only makes sure I’m not talking over people, but also gives me a chance to make sure I have understood the question, and therefore answer appropriately.

Microphone and headset
With thanks to Jonathan Farber and UnSplash

My latest guest appearance was released this week, and I have to say how much I appreciate the efforts of the host, Jennifer Van Alstyne, to make something that is useful, informative and enjoyable, as well as giving me a chance to practice.  Jennifer and I don’t know each other very well, we met in an international academic networking THING hosted by another Jennifer, Jennifer Polk, just before Christmas 2020.  I appreciate the other Jennifer for hosting that, too.  It was not a good time in Joyce’s and my lives personally – we were about to walk, completely blindsided, into the worst Christmas of our married lives. We’re still married, its ok, there is a happy ending. The point is, Jennifer (podcast Jennifer) and I just sort of clicked.  I immediately invited her to guest blog for me and she invited me to guest on her podcast.

Being a Good Podcast Guest

I don’t know why I find podcast etiquette hard, it’s the same as job interview etiquette:

  1. Listen to the question.
  2. Think about the question
  3. Answer the question
  4. Shut up

Oh and number 5 should come first really:

5. Do your prep

But I’ve always struggled with number 4, and sometimes with number 1.  I’m always so busy thinking, it is difficult for me to listen, you see.

Showcase Skills

Just like job interviews, podcasts are a great way to showcase your skills and experience.  They have the bonus of a much wider potential audience, however.  As a business person, as an academic, as a Post-grad, as an under-Grad, there are things that you are the expert in.  You may be the world’s best at planning your time, at managing resources, at being the supportive friend.  But how do people know that if you don’t tell them?  There are podcasts  for everything, it seems. Almost every host sometimes struggles for a guest, you never know who will be pleased to hear from you.  You might have that one nugget of wisdom a listener has been needing.

Now, I’m not suggesting you go and start your own podcast – that would be over-egging the pudding.  If you are invited however, take the plunge. It will be much more enjoyable than you think, people will see you in a new light and you might just learn something about yourself – even if it is to finally shut up and listen, like me!

If you’d like to practice my 5 interview rules with a sympathetic skills tutor, or even invite me on to your podcast, contact me here!

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